Patts Philosophy

PATTS utilizes group instruction and role play to help youth learn nonviolent conflict resolution skills, demonstrate more forgiveness in conflict situations and take responsibility for their choices and behavior. 

This program was developed to focus on youth learning appropriate expression of their emotions since a growing body of research is indicating that many aggressive children are actually depressed and traumatized children. 

PATTS adopts the perspective that many aggressive children have exceptional leadership qualities that need to be redirected into more socially acceptable behavior. Aggressive children often time have not had the guidance and support from their families, neighborhoods, and peers to utilize nonviolent conflict resolution skills. PATTS groups are designed to encourage peer support and reinforcement of positive behaviors and choices. Learning is encouraged through brainstorming sessions, activities and role plays. 

Research supports the need to involve families and teachers to reinforce new conflict resolution skills in youth. PATTS integrates these influential people in the youths life through a Family night to educate them on ways they can support positive conflict resolution skills. There is also a teacher training presentation available to prepare the teachers on ways to incorporate these conflict management skills in the classroom so participants can be reinforced after the nine week curriculum is complete.