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Entire Curriculum $1200 CD -in Spanish $180 Extra Feeling Cards $30 Extra Feeling & Game Cards $50 TRAINING
- CD Set (Curriculum, handouts, pre/post surveys,  presentations staff/teachers , parents), and color printed ready-to-go set of cards.

- A live-training, introductory webinar is required and included in the price.  Appointment for the same must be arranged within 30 days of purchase.

You must order the entire curriculum (left) to purchase this item.  

CD includes:  Handouts, Parent Newsletter and Pre and Post Surveys in  Spanish.

One Set of Cards Included One Set of Feeling and Game Cards Included Your Location - At your site up to 30 people, $2500 plus  flat rate for travel depending on distance - 1.5 days

In House - At our site in Hampton, VA - $1500 - 1.5 days

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 is available for $200 extra -contains entire curriculum in color-printed, hole-punched, and ready-to-go
 (only offered with purchase of CD above)
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*The curriculum conveys site licensure for any part of your agency or school that shares the same physical address. Within these parameters your agency may make unlimited copies to use only with your clients/students.